Choosing the Right Logo Product For Your Next Conference

Choosing the Right Logo Product For Your Next Conference

Well, convention season is just around the corner and you’re tasked with finding just the right logo product to represent your company.  The challenge is choosing between thousands of available products on the market. Here is some insight to help choose a promo product that will keep convention attendees focused on your brand months after the evet has taken place.

Using statistics to choose the right logo product

Use statistics to determine the best logo products to offer.  Data about your attendees is always a great tool; not only does it help you make good choices about the types of promotional products you should be using, but it also deters you from making biased choices based on your own preferences.  As an example, according to a new GBTA and Concur Study, 79% of all business travelers today commonly bring technology on trips to stay in touch with their friends and families. Therefore, if you consider a logo item that will facilitate the use of this technology, then you could potentially appeal to 79% of attendees. Similarly, the more you know about the attendees, the more research and statistics can help you pinpoint the proper category of promotional products you’ll want to distribute.

Find logo products that are practical

Be practical in your selection of promotional products.  Anyone who has attended a convention knows that most days on a convention floor can be long and tiring.  Therefore, attendees are less inclined to schlep around heavy or bulky gifts. Ensure that the item selected is not only useful but easy to carry. Finding a product that is light weight but won’t get overlooked can be tricky but well worth the effort since statistics show that 6 in 10 consumers keep promotional products up to two years after the event.

Don’t reuse last year logo product

If you’re an experienced marketer and are contemplating developing the same logo product used in previous years, consider the power behind giving your customers something new and fresh. Before receiving a promotional product, 55 percent of people had done business with the advertiser.  After receiving a promotional product, 85 percent of people did business with the advertiser. Don’t take your loyal customers for granted, give them something innovative or someone else will and collect your business along the way.

Logo products are FREE, people love FREE

The most important thing to remember and the reason why promotional items are so effective is that people love free gifts.  I have attended events where people who held excellent positions in companies with excellent financial compensations have done unspeakable things just to get a free gift! Think about the countless opportunities that come with this fact and how it can be used to benefit your brand.


Don’t just buy the first logo product you see, do your homework. Understand the people you are seeking to influence. Provide them with practical promotional products they will use over and over again. Keep it fresh and FREE!