Promotional Marketing Products (Know Your Audience)

Promotional Marketing Products (Know Your Audience)

Promotional marketing products are snapshots of your company or brand.  Therefore, it’s important that you choose a product that does an exceptional job of making a good impression.  The key to success is to not just knowing the brand and company you are selling but to understanding the various individuals you will be selling it to.  More often than not your promotional products will be distributed during conventions, tradeshows and or conferences.  This article is directed towards understanding customers and or partners who will receive your promotional products at these events.  In one of my favorite books that is considered to be a timeless treasure, How to Make Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie expresses the importance of understanding people’s needs and always ensuring that your message serves them.  In order to properly do this, consider the various types of business travelers you will meet when attending conventions or conferences and why they actually attend as a means to distributing promotional material that will suit their needs. Understanding them ensures that your promotional products are effective.

1)    Characteristic of convention attendees whom are receiving my promotional marketing products.

In our attempts to find the right promotional marketing products we have researched convention attendees. According to New GBTA and Concur Study there are five different types of business travelers today and they have come up with some clever and telling names to describe each:  Below is a table that breaks down each group.

Business Travel Group Age Avg. Trips Per Year Length of Stay Interest/Goal
The Veteran – The Most Experienced >35 12 4  The most important goal identified by Veteran travelers is ensuring they are not hindered by a lack of equipment of connectivity showing a high receptiveness to new technology for more productivity on the road.
Road Weary – Frequent and More Reluctant >35 15 3  The most important goal to Road Weary travelers is feeling safe when on trip (42%) and staying in touch with family (41%).
Wide-eyed and Anxious – Less Frequent Travelers Who Experience Travel Challenges <55 11 4  In general, Wide-eyed and Anxious travelers are younger travelers with less experience on the road, these travelers tend to enjoy travel but get nervous navigating new destinations and following policies.
Passionate High-Tech – Enthusiastic Travelers and Early Adapters of Tech <54 13 4   Passionate High-Tech travelers love to travel for work and look to technology to make them more productive and stay in the know with their friends and family.
The New Recruits – Less Experienced Travelers Who Want to Share their Adventures <54 14 6 Generally, this group of younger travelers is eager to explore new destinations while on business and are eager to travel more and share experiences



2)    Why Do They Attend? What types of promotional marketing product would appeal?

  • Networking – conferences are a great way to meet other people in the same industry or field.  This is an opportunity to meet new people or connect with others not readily available at their home base.
  • Showcase ideas and products – there is no better way to present products and service to a large group of people simultaneously than at a conference.  Doing so also polishes the pitch, as it is repeated several times over the course of just a few days. Gain Knowledge & Problem Solve – Conferences are the best way to learn about new developments in a specific industry as well as learn about solutions to issues that are prevalent.  Attendees can ask questions and get a better sense of the resources that maybe available.
  • Meet People – attending conferences allows individuals to meet face to face, whether it be during a workshop, at a cocktail or in an elevator.  These meeting can lead to opportunities.
  • Expand Horizons – there are many aspects of a particular field that can be learned about at conferences. Also, attendees may want to get out of the office, visit a new city or experience a change in perspective.


Promotional Products that would appeal: Pens, Pencils, USB sticks, Agendas, Sticky notes, Highlighters, Calculators, Bags, Lanyards, Custom wallet badge holder

The Above information is meant to invoke thought about the types of people that will be attending conventions and what their preferences are.  Knowledge is power, now that you have this knowledge use it to develop promotional marketing products that align with your audiences’ values and objectives all the while delivering your companies message.  This will be your formula to a successful promotional products campaign.